Baja GFE is a new concept I created to bring you very select girls at very good pricing. For that reason you will never find many girls here...but you can be sure that the girls that are here all provide a great experience. To be here means the girl must have not just looks but the ability to provide a man with the things he wants and a great experience! The girls you see here pay for their photos, web page, hosting and advertising in their behalf. They keep all that they earn. I thank you and the girls thank you in advance! Just click on the girls photo below to view her personal page. Thank you for considering a date with one of these great girls!


To Arrange a Date:

Call....... 323-938-1375 - no texts!

E-Mail - Click


To make a date with one of the girls you must call the above number, if no one answers then please leave a voicemail message and we will get back to you asap.  When you arrive in Mexico simply take a taxi to your hotel of choice. Call or text us with your room number and your date of choice will be on the way to you. 












I am also liking how bajagfe is operating their escort agency with the pictures, the pricing, their attention to details and communications with their customers.
I think that bajagfe is also setting the bar higher on what should be expected for all escort agencies in Tijuana."

Taken from a comment made on the TJ Amigos Fourm



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